Our Mission: Spread confidence by empowering people to create.

About combyne

Combyne is a fast growing (18% m-o-m) social network and social utility with over 3 million users. Combyne is used for combining clothing – a very basic and very frequent little task on our planet. Our mission: Spread confidence by empowering people to create. 

Combyne's vision is to fully digitize the usage of fashion. Then use the resulting data points to stop the massive overproduction in fashion industry, which currently churns out 100 billion pieces of clothing per year for 7 billion people. The problem is so bad, some brands are burning unsold inventory. In the future, production decision should be based on data, not on guessing.

We're backed by Plug and Play, one of Silicon Valley's most active VCs, and work closely with our investors, including seasoned executives like the former CEO of Hermès, Central Europe.

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